This was originally published in 1998, it was used in a MIKE HUNT catalog as well as an issue of Chicago @ Night.

The Curse of MIKE HUNT

Michael Hunt Publishing puts out some of the most disturbing, offensive and down right evil books, CDs, comix and collectibles in the world! Now, in a strange twist of fate, life imitates art and the mighty Mike Hunt seems to have a black cloud following him where ever he goes.

“When you make a deal with the Devil you never know when he’ll collect” comments Michael Hunt Publishing founder Shane Bugbee. And to add to his company’s creep out appeal, he’s also a priest in the Church of Satan.

They’ve put out a book that has been banned in Florida and sent its author to jail, and what about the cook book they’re putting out with an 80 year old convicted murderer, then there’s the upcoming re-printing of the notorious Answer Me #4 – The Rape Issue. Very intense reading, and if there is a reason behind the MIKE HUNT CURSE, it would have to have something to do with the subject mater they choose to tackle.

They’ve been doing this for 14 plus years with no end in sight, that is if they can stay clear of the MIKE HUNT CURSE.

• GG Allin – A week after speaking with GG about doing a book, he was found dead of a heroin overdose. Michael Hunt Publishing is presently working on that same book with GG’s biographer Joe Coughlin.

•Sverre H. Kristensen – Signed up with Mike Hunt to do his comix “Bad Pills”, two months before a leukemia relapse took his life. Bad Pills is his final comix and is the most vile, disturbing comix ever seen. His death was one week after the first Expo of the Extreme.

Anton Szandor LaVey – Shane and his wife Amy had the honor of doing an interview with Dr.LaVey. His LAST interview, he passed away a couple of months later, and just days before the first Expo, one of the reasons why LaVey’s family delayed the announcement of his death is they didn’t want to upset the mood of the event. LaVey also wrote the introduction for the Michael Hunt title MIGHT IS RIGHT.

Mortiis – Elf, ex-member of the black metal band Emperor, and a reported church burner. He was brought over for the last Expo and made his first U.S. appearance. After that show he overdosed on Liquid G. Ironically the lead singer of the punk band The Idiots had to resuscitate Mortiis back to life.

Rozz Williams – The father of Goth’s last performance was at the first Expo, he hung himself weeks later.

Dana Plato – Dana fell victim to the MIKE HUNT CURSE while on the phone with Shane Bugbee, literally her last breath was to Shane. Not only was Dana working as the MC for the second Expo, she had planed to do a book with Michael Hunt Publishing and was looking into moving to Chicago for the Summer.

Dana was on her way home from New York after promoting the Expo of the Extreme on the Howard Stern Show. Bugbee had flown her out there and was in the process of working on an interview with Dana for Chicago At Night. “ We were in close contact during her last hours…. I was literally the last person to talk with her”. Dana Plato’s last interview, as well as a first hand account of Dana Plato’s last hours, will appear in the next issue of Chicago At Night.

In summary
• Mike Hunt did the LAST interview with Dr. Anton LaVey and Dana Plato
• Mike Hunt has worked on books or has had conversation regarding book deals with most of the victims.
• Mike Hunt had a personal interest in booking each one of the cursed bands on the Expo.

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