the abc show with co-hosts doug mesner & amy bugbee – old school podcast/radio show demo

a weekend of telling stories for an internet livestream way back in 2004… shane bugbee hosts with co-hosts doug “lucien greaves” mesner & amy.

the concept was to do a radio show without the need of a specific topic or guest to lean upon, this was meant to mock talk radio shows who have to cling to topics rather than the talk, the story, the communication and sharing of a story to a listener… this was to practice and strengthen the art of telling a story as well as create a 30 min radio show for an internet radiostation and podcast… this was sort of a demo of a show, an idea to be put out there and to see it it stuck.

we were a bit too early as far as the podcasting wave. podcasting was young and ignored by the mainstream and money… we had fun regardless. listening to them today, I’m embarrassed and hate them, but I figure present it all and be judged by the total of my effort… I plan on publishing a new podcast the first week of feb. 2015.

you might notice the series ends at the letter “Q” – I thought the missing files were lost and that I might be able to find them… I’m told we just didn’t feel like finishing.

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the A show:

the B show:

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the E show:

the F show:

the G show:

the H show:

the I show:

the J show:

the K show:

the L show:

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the Q show:

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