GO FUND ME and my Art Installation at the Armory Gallery Explores Depression, Despair, and Mental Health Repair

Press Release:

Art Installation at Armory Gallery Explores Depression, Despair, and Mental Health Repair

The installation, called ’From The Recliner: Between my feet and my heart, portraits of people taken by a sad person with his furry best friend on his mind’ is a multimedia exhibit by Shane Bugbee including photos, a sofa, a recliner, audio, and video.

It deals with a two year period of depression and mourning suffered following the death of the artist’s dog Cheyenne. Shortly after her passing, the artist moved his living room around, unconsciously blocking the corner where his furry friend once lay upon her cushion.

Then, just about eight weeks later, his wife was offered a full-time job. This left the artist completely and utterly alone. After more than 18 years of working side by side 24/7, she too was gone. Shane sunk deeper and deeper into depression.

Without realizing it Shane began to photograph visitors from his recliner, pointing his camera in the exact location where his beloved Cheyenne once lay. The photos represent a stream of humanity, all seated on an old blue and green sofa in the artist’s living room. Visitors from as far as Texas, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh, as well as a number of local residents and Astorians, are photographed with and without their knowledge, framed between the feet of the artist who sits with his feet up in a recliner.

The sofa, the recliner, and Cheyenne’s cushion are part of the exhibit, in addition to select photographs, audio, video and other digital elements. The images and the story of the installation will be available in a Zine/Show Catalog that will be for sale during the opening.

Who: Shane Bugbee
Where: Armory Skatepark Gallery, Astoria Oregon
When: August 13th, 5-8pm
Help?: https://www.gofundme.com/fromtherecliner

For more on the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1119911344748925/


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