self destruction as art on display…

recently I put together a life sculpture or, as most would know it, an art installation. the subject was self destruction, my self destruction.

I dig the idea of all fun taken too far might bring about pain… and this is what happened to me.

what started out as a fun destruction turned into a painful time.

Im a beast of pleasure… so, fun was no longer an option.

I lost myself along the way…

great thing about losing yourself is, if you survive, you’ve found more than yourself… well, I’ve found more than my self.

I’ve added much thought and introspection, deep thought.

I’ve left behind a bulk of identity that served everyone but me, thee self.

now, life looks of to me…


as happy as I can be… and not needing to be as happy as others think normal.

the show had two videos projecting on a wall, an audio track hidden under Cheyenne’s cushion, 32 photos and a book that was sold at the event with my writings and the photos I took during the moment of despair… you can download and view all of these show elements, here:  – if you pledge $2.

there are no more words I can add to this that are better than the words and video over here:

and the very personal account from my beloved wife, here:



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