Politics and me and you and voting…

What? You are still here? Ha!

What a grind this election cycle has been.

Had to ask myself why I even care and when I started to care.

Why, well… I sort of hate control. So, those whom make the laws that could possibly impact my life or the lives of my friends is sort of important to me.

Though, my lack of formal education makes it hard to understand the complexities of global politics or even the complexities of running a country. Because of that lack of understanding it becomes frustrating.

Ignorance and frustration, they seem to be kin… What I’m ignorant of… I’m frustrated at. Dig?

Good thing for me I get to explore my frustrations thru art and, when I create, I can explore my frustration.

Well, as I ruminated over this entire political mess that is our u.s. election, and that rumination was long and anxiety ridden… But, after long thought, Bernie logic I could not escape.

I supported Bernie, no I trusted Bernie, I love Bernie… So, if I trusted dude why not pay mind to the reality of the politics of the day… Left or Right.

It looks to me, Bernie is the most popular politician in America and that means he has quite a bit of power.

I trust Sanders… I think you should too.
I trust Chomsky… I think you should too.

For me, it’s left, then forward with pushing serious vote reform… like the entirety of Americans should be automatically registered to vote when turning 18… It’s a start.

Microwave minds and the sands of time don’t mix.
You can’t have it all, but the future, can.

As far as leaked emails with questionable ethics and possible illegalities… I say we try and deal with that shit once the election is over.

I was never a person of hope or vote.

That changed when I spent over a year one the road, asking the US of A why they voted and a few important question about politics, art, religion and revolution.

after that road trip I registered to vote.

I vote because I side with a civil society vs. uncivil.
thoughtful vs. thoughtless.

if the vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t fight so hard to manipulate it.

here’s a video of me asking Ian MacKaye about voting…

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