letters to friends in dread times.

letters to friends from the election of dread times…

I found these within my enotes from 2016. I kept them because I must have liked something I wrote or they touched on a topic I wanted to explore.

as I looked them over I thought I’d post them separate of the emotes, mostly due to the election year we are still suffering thru here in the usa… not sure if these all relate to the election directly but reading them over I feel the have the hart of how I felt and feel… there is a collective pain here tar boarders on divide or unity or unity thru divide.

I’m for disagreements and not divide but with each day I feel a collective pain that isn’t being catered to and I wonder the salve it would take to help… and I wonder if this pain isn’t global, if it isn’t as deep and the core of mother earth.




The prez has no power. But they have a hell of a lot of influence.

Isn’t the prez having no power about the citizens having no ruler?

Shit don’t happen overnight…

But there are a lot of folks who did a lot for humanity who never saw their fight, fruit.

Like 4-5 woman are responsible for fighting for the rights of woman to vote.

We have many human rights today that humanity did not have prior… So, shit can work… And because of the net it has, in some cases, changed overnight.

I haven’t much hope today… But, history tells me to keep pushing back.

We ALL have INFLUENCE… Just like the president… Though, most will never believe they could have influence… Because they lack power.

Seems the best way to influence is thru art… Probably why art is not funded here. Anyway, thought you were gonna visit? Be well and, well, think influence.



Freedom of expression = freedom from consequences.

Some think expression always has consequence

Compassion, not creating repression…

Engagement, not suppression.


So much to say… But I’ll try and start with text.

Witch hunts, no matter the “witch” are a bit troubling for me.

Having been the target of a few, and having been called what ever shocking name or been given what ever title of rejected/unacceptable phillosophy that fits the zipcode, the feeling of odd and troubling is reasonable in my opinion.

I’m of the phillosophy of free thought… Free expression.

Freedom of expression = freedom from consequences for your expression.

Some think expression always has consequence or that someone who expresses unpopular ideas or thought shouldn’t be surprised by consequence.

Maybe those unreasonable consequences are one of the factors in an individuals ignorant decisions, like joining a group that is “hate” based.

I put hate in quotes because, most involved in, let’s say separatist groups would say they are motivated out of love.

I’ve known groups of all colors that are into their love of separation, their love segregation, their pride in culture based in color/DNA.

I’ve published or interviewed serious white separatist and white supremacists… Satanists, communists, anarchists, natives… I love unpopular thought, I love study of occult knowledge, of banned and splintered thought.

I remember the first time I was approached by an organized white power music label, they wanted to run an add in a magazine I was publishing…

90% of my white friends insisted I should never run the ad… As a young and naive advocate of free speech, I was not too keen on turning down someone’s legal expression… If it were editorial I might be able to justify it, but advertising was open to all.

After speaking with the black artist I was publishing and the Jewish, feminist, professor who was writing for the mag, I took the ad… Yes, they not only convinced me, they told me I had to take the ad.

Their reason, if you suppress the hate groups, it justifies their small minded ideals and gives them more power than if you run their ads and their unpopular ideals… my pals of minority also pointed out they, the white pride record company would have to be in the same magazine as those they hate… And my black friend, the artist, made the cover a dread locked, mixed breed, tattoo’d metal head.

Perhaps my youthful idea that we can guide/educate folks thru free, thoughtful exchange of ideas is naive… Maybe folks of hate need to be harassed…

But hate groups are usually full of fools and poor, desperate folks… At least, those are the pawns who suffer.

Real, systematic racism is within our courts, police force, judges!

To cut the hate snakes head off it will take deep research, focused research.

It will take an understanding of secret societies and how the opportunity and where their tentacles reach… For instance, the kkk has plenty of judges.

Ahhhhh, let’s make time to sit and chat, I have some materials you might want to take with you too.

And I’d love to see you and winne and I’d love to make snacks too.

Compassion, not creating repression…

For me, I can’t get over the idea of…

Compassion, not repression… Engagement, not suppression.

Love to you miranda and I hope you are well… Xoxo, Shane.

Oh, on a personal note… I have to add a comment about a comment you made to Amy about me being an angry man.

You have never seen me be an angry man, I’ve only been loving and warm and troubled around you. Few have seen my scary rage filled side.

It is troubling for me to hear a fellow creative equate my expression with my character. I do express pain, you might hear or see that as anger… And my expression sure does go all over the place, as does my journalism and other studies, so it’s fair to Internet hate, but that shouldn’t cling to me as its not how I live my life. This kind of thinking is a mind crime deal, it’s an accusation on thought, on my free thinking self.

I do express myself from the perspective on a survivor of a different class and culture… Some get it, some do not. I have the right to express and others have the obligation to try and understand or they should take the opportunity they of course have and were born into, to turn their attention elsewhere.

Anyone giving my work attention and interpretation without questions directed to me is piling the logs once again to burn the witches.




I do not know you any more than I do anyone I’ve met online.

I’ve never broke bread with you and to my knowledge I’ve never met you.

You do not know me… You know of a moment or two from my expression or efforts at communicating pain… If you think you know me based on my body of work… Well, I can see how a static item might confuse, but I’m not my expressions, I am not my past, I am not my zipcode.

Your mentioning of riots under a post about a successful, peaceful protest is beyond appalling.

I oppose violence in all forms.

I’m sickened that a person with children would express such… Not necessarily sickened by you, as I don’t know you, but sick over the collective struggle to get beyond that base rage and onto a peaceful solution, much like the woman’s March has tried to spark.

Your thinking your opinion matters in the context of a peaceful and very successful March, lead by women is as silly as men opposing abortion.

Sid, I’m growing less and less fond of trying to communicate on line and I’m quick to block and delete… If this, that or anything I’ve said here isn’t the person you think you know, great.

If you have ever dug me or my work, thank and offer help to any who push peaceful solutions forward… If you really think about it, peaceful solutions is all we have.

You are now continue to go on about you and whatever under a post where

I thank those who marched for all of humanity… You continue to thump your chest rather than thanking the nearest woman who gave of themselves, gave their time and participate in a truly historic event.



Condescending? Hmmmm. It was and is my opinion. As I don’t know you and I fully understand nuances and the sliding scale of a individuals meaning, It wasn’t meant to be a personal attach… It was a general “your”.

God meaning whatever one wants is like everything can be art.

I don’t agree with that.


I was speaking of God in a religious context.

I’ve said religion is where thought goes to die… It is thee answer for that person and their religion… It isn’t an all encompassing word, for most, based on statistical data, God has a definitive meaning based in religion and rules of a religion.

Sure and again, I know exceptions to the rule too.

Science is the constant pursuit of a truth.

Religion is not.

Of course you can site a few scientist who toyed poetically with the idea of a god, mainly so they could communicate with the general public… But, 98% of science is not at all religious.

Present day, the religious scientist are opposed to evolution. Creationists, zealots.

I’ve stated I’m agnostic in the Carl Sagan sense, in the appreciation of the unknown.

I think to call an atheist fundamental is to ignore the epic struggle that movement endures… It is to lack an understanding that the very word god is very offensive… Like many segments of the free thought movement, words do matter… The out of the closet atheists, the non believers, do not have it easy within the mainstream world. Last I checked they rank the lowest as far as trust and acceptance within the broad stroke of society.

Religion is a control mechanism.

As much as I’m a big fan of philosophy and philosophical pondering… I understand more and more each day and agree more and more with what Neil Tyson was talking about when he declared philosophy dead.

It was nice chatting… I’m thinking we should agree to disagree.


Joseph – I don’t think that is at all true… Politics, by their nature is a give and take, you have to haggle… i think, depending on your needs, some feel better when one party is in office vs. The other… Me, the zipcodes I reside in, the folks I know… They all benefit from social services, food stamps and so on… It’s based in zipcodes, not color nor philosophical beliefs or lack thereof.

I would agree power corrupts, but, in politics, the attempt to keep that shit in check is not only there, it’s the game of our system… Checks and balance.

In business, power corrupts… And the idea is, take advantage for the profit and gain of a few… Their is honesty, sure, but that truth is about gold, not flesh.

I’m of the flesh, not gold.

The intent of the person entering the battle has to have something to do with their fight… Who they are really fighting for, or what they are fighting for.

I like folks who fight for the flesh, for people.

Gold has no heart.

If you are attracted to a man of business understand your value… To them.

If your place in society is a cab driver, the business man will never see more in you, they will want more out of you.

To some, we are gold, not flesh.


And as I think about this Jill – I’d agree that most are ignorant, but does that make they “awful” ? Are they a reflection of circumstance? Or, how many are willfully ignorant? I think most are just ignorant… The willfully ignorant are awful, but those folks seem to make it into politics and run the truly stupid into the ground… I just don’t see the human species as bad or good and I’ve always thought the might is right philosophy lacked two components that a species evolution depends on… Cooperation and compassion. Ignorant and numb is the way of the flesh flood.

I think it’s the opposite. Most of us do not suck… Animals want to get along… It’s dependent on eating one another. Hehehee… When I lived in Chicago and was surrounded by dysfunctional family, I thought humanity was like that… When I traveled the USA for a year, staying with total stranger met on Craig’s list… I found most were solid… No matter how we disagreed. The lottery ticket of total tragedy is still rare in the US.

Now, chaos on the other hand… Chaos has no mercy, animals do, chaos, no.

The trees are the real fuckers…. They eat us all!

Jill – ahhhh, guess it’s how you look at it… I see your generation as full of potential. Evolution is slow and our life’s go by fast… To see our influence blossom into tangible change is rare. Ask all those dead revolutionaries like a Harvey Milk. Oh, wait, we can’t. And their grain of sand counted. For me, I wonder how to get thru to all that breeding isn’t change, it isn’t influence it isn’t even a action to be proud of any more that a healthy shit… But, breeders think they have done their part. Jill, visit… We will talk long… We have a guest room and Amy Bugbee will bake till your fat.


Rick – never say never? I don’t think we need a solution and I don’t think we will ever be on the same page… But, we have proven we can grow intellectually. The hardware store and it’s cool ass tools tells me so. We also grew up with lead paint and now, no more. The solution is action… In your backyard and in your home and community… Setting an example is how us apes evolve more than punishment. I think a pleasure based society without the guilt of pleasure that religion brings is a start.

I understand and hate to agree with Neil Tyson, but this shit… All of it seems to prove that phillosophy is dead… Long live science. In 100 years they will look back on this as the begging on the end of religion as we know it.

But it’s nice to see and be excited by the astetic of a community you live in… And more important, it’s real important that everyone have a voice, and for some, their voice is art… It is a form of communication first. To stifle that need of an individual is atrocious in my view… ALL deserve to be heard and ALL have the right to communicate how and who and when they fell comfortable… Anything less is an affront to free thought and free thinkers. The commerce of is the cancer of.




There are a few layers to address in your questions, so, I’ll try, if I miss something I’m sure I’ll come back and add another response or nine.

As far as publicly hitting me with shit that is online and transparent for the world to selectively throw in my face, feel free to say and ask what you’d like… My societal “offenses” are many and go from porn to nazis to Satan and worse… The idea is that thought isn’t a problem, It’s the solution.

If there was ever any one movement I related to, it was and is the free thought movement… A movement that, for me, is about a person to think what they want, to express what the need, or want, to question all they need, to consume with their eyes and ear and think, and output what the thought about that their mind took in,moth out restriction… Free thought is being the being they are, with the ability to think and be something or someone different, with the spark and whim of their mind… Unpopular and shallow ideas included.

In order for the free thought movement to be realized, we need education to be open and free, for all. This helps with stratification and humans reaching their level… Proper access to education helps humans to climb to their natural plateau and beyond if they choose.

Health care, shelter, food… All essential for a civil society. To argue this is to act like an ape or to be afraid that your wealth will be depleted for others… The scare tactics of our leaders lack truth… Or consequence.

It is utterly embarrassing to travel in the modern world and see the abundance of homeless folks… It is infuriating to see the poor and ignorant suffer ills the rich do not, to see poor folks encouraged to literally eat their own legs off with obesity and diabetes is just a weak form of sadistic pleasure cloaked in morals and fear… I’m all for sadistic actions, but not of the weak and stupid, rather of the willing.

After years of calling voters pigs who follow their leader to slaughter… I NOW vote. I was wrong about not-voting, I blamed a system that didn’t give me enough, I felt neglected and unloved, I could see others we’re not marginalized like those of my zipcodes and, no matter how much I worked and how well I obeyed, I just couldn’t find a way out… So, blame the system, sure, that’s valid, the system at large is wrought with suck… But in a civil society, it is important to do civil service, it is proper to give back to that which gives to you… And, as I grow, I see how much civil servants give,with out any profit, without any credit… The librarian gives to build a a stronger society and, as much as I love the unibomber, I love our civilization more. I think we can strive for balance, for a world that has room for both elephants and high speed trains.

So, voting is the least I can do as far as my civic duty is concerned.

And I’m still very much nihilistic, but as with any philosophy I appreciate, it’s a sliding scale based on the moment and what I’ve learned over the days prior.

I see voting as a thing of now that takes little time or effort and it matters. Voting matters to the intelligencia.

Bernie Sander is the only candidate I’ve ever endorsed. I do that because he is inline with the free thinkers movement. Control isn’t the free thought movements friend.

Why Bernie? He’s for much of what I believe is needed today… And the artist and intellectual community backs him almost 100% … Those, for me, are communities I respect.

My work over the years has been of hate and rage, I’m older now, I haven’t mellowed and I’m still pretty piss off… But my past expressions were that of a young man, and I’m proud of what I did… But, that artistic expression isn’t an expression for others to understand… My art, my expression is for me, so I might understand me, my issues, my past, my present and my future… The shit I did has helped me understand myself and to grow, to aspire for a new plateau, one beyond my natural plateau, I want more and my past can’t become a weight holding me to a moment.. My life must be meteor, not a dead rock.

I will struggle against being defined by my past or, any one project or person I’ve helped thru publishing and hustling… I will work hard to not be defined by my DNA or last name… I will not need a group or idol or symbols to help others identify with me or I with them… I will succeed in e life I live defining me. I am just Shane.

I’m right and I’m wrong… I like to be wrong so I can be right again… Contradiction of belief is evolution of your individual.

I changed my views on voting after debating the best, the highest thinkers, minds and individuals I respect. After passionately debating the best, I had a bus driver pull his bus over after I had convinced a bunch of folks to not vote… He waited until the bus was empty, pulled over and explained just how many folks who didn’t have the right to vote, died fighting for that right… The idea that woman were kept from voting is one of many obvious clues as to the power of voting.

the hands up I’ve received have been the love and help I was looking for in my youth, from my government… And those hands up have been there when I’ve showed effort.


You are cute.

Gun laws don’t work in Chicago, yet you’ll vote base on the illusion of man made law.

Really, gun free zones don’t hold back gun owners from holding a gun, it just stops them from showing it off. But, if that bothers you, fight harder.

I’m from Chicago… Everyone has a gun. The deaths are amongst street business men, known as gangs… The future will see those deaths and conflicts as typical tribal conflict over territory and resources… And those folks are broke and in need, so war makes sense in that respect.

The gun law vote is much like the abortion rights vote, a chump issue… An issue that is a sliver of larger laws and rights, but issues paranoids jump on.

If you are not a business person, or entrepreneur, why would you vote for a business man? Maybe because you don’t get the business person is usually in it for their own gain and could give a fuck about your wants or paranoia… Btw, I’ve had businesses and have businesses… And I haven’t worked for anyone in about 25 years… So, how’s business treating you?

I would think, rather than follow a tool, like your gun… You might look to the artists who you consume,who you follow and who help build the society you survive in, the scientists, the engineers, the intellectuals… A majority of whom seem to be lining up to support Bernie. Or follow the t.v star… And make America the punch line of a horrid joke.


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