AUDIO: might Is might 24 hr radio special.

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THREE RING RADIO PREMIERE 1ST SHOW EVER!!!!LIVE FOR 24 HOURS ON SEPT 11TH – To celebrate the premiere of my very own radio show & kick off my new reprinting of MIGHT IS RIGHT My pals and I put on a historic, 24 hour LIVE radio broadcast on September 11, 2003.* Doug Mesner co-hosts.

The show will featured live guests, interviews, and music relating to the book, and the concept of Survival of the Fittest. Guests from many walks of life discussed Might Is Right, terrorism, and revolution! Show started on 9-11-03, from Midnight to Midnight 9-12-03 – a true broadcast to end all broadcasts!

Here’s some of the 24 hour 9/11 shows contents:
Never before released audio, music and madness! Anus Presley – the noise of the late, great Sverre Kristensen. Waco – Day 51. Unreleased and favorites from Charles Manson — interviews, music, and monologues. A brief history of Might Is Right.

Hart Fisher, Vincent Crowley, Kenn Thomas of steam shovel press, Usurper, Eugene Robinson – The man that inspired the likes of Boyd Rice and Adam Parfrey! He’s the Promethean Satanist according to LaVey!!! Rare recordings of Lydia Lunch, Jello Biafra and others.

White power, racialism, and reform with Tom Metzger and the artist formerly known as George Eric Hawthorne, of the band RAHOWA. Peter Gilmore from the COS talks 9-11, and we wind down with a never before heard interview with Boyd Rice and Thomas Thorn, conducted by Vadge Moore from the Dwarves.


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