VIDEO: an answer as to why we’d be shunned.

This is a moment I’m neither proud or ashamed of. I’m happy I received an answer and I’m even more stoked to have it on film, because when you tell people you’ve been “run out of town”, they look at you like you are full of shit.

It wasn’t easy… it, the shunning, and being run out of town was one of, if not the hardest thing we’ve ever been through, together or separately.

Before I moved to Ely, Minnesota I was happy at the fringe of society, happy in and of the underground. When I started making soda and was embraced by the town, it was nice, it was warm. It was strange to have the town’s children see me and yell hello to me, and they’d call me “the blueberry soda guy”… I miss those moments.

The fella in this video is Iron Mike Hillman, he was a tool in the shunning. The local Indian tribe told us we had stepped on too many toes, became too successful too quick. The soda was one thing, but after we started an arts and entertainment newspaper, a website that was podcasting, and had interest from all over the state for our soda, the folks in power decided to do something about it… You can read more in our booovie (a book and movie) here:

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